Home Sweet Home

Even though Virginia is now home, we still have a soft spot for our hometowns where our families still live. So when I started seeing home state art pop up all over Pinterest, I had to make something for our apartment.

I didn’t pin this, but my inspiration came from this picture, found here.


I’ve had this idea saved for months, but never got around to making it until now. What do you think? The photo quality isn’t great because I left my camera at work, so these are from my phone. I was too excited not to share this right away.

I LOVE it. It replaced a watercolor painting I had in that frame that had no significance to us. Now we have a little reminder of where we came from.

And if you think it’s a coincidence that PA is on top, it’s not. ;)

Hot Crayons

I’ve been jonesin’ to DIY something lately. I’ve noticed out in Blogland that a lot of you are sick of the heat. Well let’s take advantage of our crafty desires and the last few weeks of hot weather to melt some crayons.

I saw this on Craftgawker.com. If you haven’t been to that site, just go to The Gawkerverse. It will change your life.

So Suzi, at Unsimple Living, took the Pinterest Challenge showcased on YHL and Bower Power (2 of the 4 awesome ladies to partake). She found this melted crayon art and took on the project with her mom. It is adorable and a perfect punch of creative color to jazz up any space. I need this for my office/guest room! And the method? So easy.

It’s the only time I’ve ever read advice to leave something in a hot car to melt. Finally, a purpose! Usually melting anything that isn’t edible is a bad idea. This really makes me want to melt crayons. And maybe swirl them together. Finger painting melted crayons? They are non-toxic, so it can’t be bad, can it? One step at a time.

Check out Suzi’s crayon art. I hope I get the motivation to do the same and without making such a mess that it can be showcased in our place. Now I just have to find where I put my box of crayons…