We Ate and Drank Like Gods

Before I overload you with pictures of our NYE Toga Party, I have to share the second best part of the night: the food and drinks.

It’s no secret that my favorite food blog is How Sweet It Is. So it can’t surprise you that the two recipes I used were straight from that site. The first recipe I saw, I didn’t know when I was going to make it, but I knew it had to happen.

Creamsicle Mimosas.

I love champagne, but I love mimosas even more. And JT loves popsicles. This cocktail was obviously created for us.

Do you think we had enough champagne? Trick question. You can never have enough champagne.

That fluffy, delicious, gold flute is full of orange juice, champagne, vanilla vodka and topped off with a cloud of whipped dream cream. It really is more like a dreamsicle if you ask me. I kind of want one now.

Now if you know me and my dedication to a theme, I had to make something Greek.

Enter Seven Layer Greek Dip.

I just used regular feta for this recipe, but you have to try the crazy feta from How Sweet. I have made it and it is amaaaaazing.

Did you catch the most important ingredient? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not my phone and I can personally identify with it.

Don’t mind the gigantic trifle bowl I used. It was the only pretty glass piece I could find and I wanted to show off the dip.

You don’t have to have a toga party to make these recipes. In fact, you don’t have to have a party at all. Thanks to my sister-in-law, I have all of the leftover Greek dip, which I may or may not be eating as I type this. It also may or may not be my lunch everyday this week.

So make this. Then call me. I’ll bring the pita chips (and mimosas).

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