Food for 57

I’ve already rebounded from my epic fail yesterday. I’m ready to take on the next meal. In fact, my new challenge is not deciding to cook, but choosing something. J.T. and I are spending the day Saturday with some friends, grilling and playing cornhole. I want to make the following and really can’t narrow it down. There will be less than 10 people there, yet I could feed a crowd of 57. Why 57? Because that’s the first number I could think of that would exaggerate this story just enough to make it interesting. Oh… this isn’t interesting yet? Well feast your eyes on this then (and help me decide what to make!).

My first go to is guacamole.

I also think I need to buy a molcajete (that’s the fancy stone bowl the guac is in). I’ve made it on my own before, but I think I’ll use Heather’s recipe as a guide.

Guac is pretty standard, so maybe I’ll shake things up a bit and make Crazy Feta. And no, I wouldn’t make it just to fulfill my own palette pleasures, I think other people would drool over this just as much as I do. Jessica from How Sweet It Is adapted this recipe from a restaurant in DC called Cava. It’s blocks from J.T.’s work. I’ve already begged mentioned twice we should go.

Not everyone likes avacados or feta with veggies though. Translation: my husband doesn’t like either of those. So I will need to make a crowd-pleaser. The hosts plan to grill with BBQ sauce, so obviously I need to make mini mac and cheese cups!

This recipe and photo is from Gorgeous Gourmet. Sold.

I would truly be limiting our holiday weekend fun if I didn’t intend to make patriotic treats. Cue Martha.

Those are pretzel sparklers. Chocolate covered pretzels are hubs favorite. Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. These MUST happen.

And what would a Saturday be without a little adult beverage action?

Red, white and blue jello shots?! And actually, I didn’t snag this pic for the beer, but we’ll probably bring some of that too. No one wants to play with an empty-handed guest. So there you have it. My pre-fourth line up. I have 2 days. Please help me decide what to take. If not, my friends will have leftovers for days (but that can’t be a bad thing, can it?).

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